The Event – Frankenmarkt 25.06.2022

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Your positive feedback confirmed that we will continue this cool event in 2022.

Backyard Ultra is a very popular ultra run mode worldwide. Not the fastest runners win, but those who can enjoy the event the longest. Last Wo(man) Standing.

Only the last runner on the track wins. All others get a DNF!

The original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra takes place every October in Tennessee, USA and is very popular in the ultra running scene. The founder Gary “Lazarus” Cantrell is also known for the infamous Barkley Marathon.

What is a Backyard Ultra?

  • A lap of 6.706 kilometers (= 4.167 miles) is run. 24 laps are equivalent to 100 miles.
  • Every hour all runners start a new lap. Whoever has not finished the lap in time and is back at the start is out! No late start! Very easy!
  • Start signal is given at 3, 2 or 1 minute before the start. You will learn to hate the signal. 😉
  • How you manage the 6.7 km is up to you, as long as you move on your legs and hands with your own strength. No aids are allowed (including trekking poles)!
  • No personal assistance or support on the route.
  • Slower runners must let faster runners pass.
  • Leaving the track is forbidden.
  • Compulsory equipment: A headlamp at night
  • The race ends only when there is no runner left on the track. => open end
  • If the runner-up drops out, the winner must have completed one more full round. All other runners have a “DNF”.

Where does this gorgeous event take place?

Frankenmarkt / Oberösterreich

– coming from Salzburg: Freeway exit Mondsee -> B154 to Zell am Moos -> Vöcklatal Landesstraße to Frankenmarkt -> Auleiten

– coming from Vienna: Freeway exit St. Georgen im Attergau -> L540 to Mösendorf -> B1 to Frankenmarkt -> Auleiten

When will the event take place?

Friday, 24.06.2022:
03:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.: Start number collection
05:00 p.m.: Welcome party

Saturday, 25.06.2022:
07:00 a.m. to 08:30 a.m.: Start number collection
09:00 a.m.: START Austria Backyard Ultra Frankenmarkt
01:30 p.m.: START Kids Backyard
04:00 p.m.: award ceremony Kids Backyard

Music and moderation from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. each day
Morning pub Sunday, 26.06.2022 from 09:00 a.m.

There will be no award ceremony for Backyard Ultra. Prize giving and presentation of the DNF medal will take place immediately after the DNF of the runner.

DNF of the runner:
If you are more attracted to the gastronomy instead of the starting line, you have to sign out independently at the organisation, hand in the timekeeping chip and you will receive your personal DNF medal.


The Austria Backyard Ultra Frankenmarkt is a ‼️Charity Run‼️
It is very important to us to support local destinies and to make a small contribution to a better life.
Details of the 2022 charity campaign will follow…

Where can I register?

registration link

Austria Backyard Ultra – Team Challenge

Make the Backyard Ultra a special experience together as a team, have a lot of fun and motivate each other to top performances.

The rules are simple:

  1. All completed laps of the registered team of 3 will be scored in the Team Challenge.
  2. In the event of a tie, the highest score of the individual runners in the team will be decisive.

How can I participate in the Team Challenge?

As soon as exactly 3 participants have entered the same team name (please pay attention to the exact spelling and typing errors!), you are part of our Backyard Team Challenge.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the same club or if you have never met before. Dice your team together as you like it.
No additional registration fees!

During the event, you can follow the progress of all teams online at any time.
Great prizes from Skinfit await the Team Challenge winners.
More details will follow…

Organizational matters:

  • The course is sufficiently marked. After 10 laps at the latest you know the way blind anyway. 😉
  • The route leads mostly along wide forest roads and beautiful natural landscape. There are no technical passages and it is easy to run.
  • In the start-finish area there will be space for chairs, cool box, sleeping tent or a small pavilion for the runners. First come – First serve! Runners who drop out early have to leave their place in the start-finish area. This allows runners who are still in the race to move closer to the starting line.
  • Sanitary facilities are available near the start-finish area.
  • Refreshment station is in the start-finish area. There is no refreshment station on the course.
  • The forest is a recreation area and not a garbage dump. We move in the nature and treat the animals with respect. Inappropriate behavior in nature (especially throwing away garbage) will be punished with immediate disqualification.
  • The run takes place at your own risk and on your own responsibility on a not closed or supervised track. On roads the traffic rules must be followed and the traffic must be observed.
  • The participant is responsible for accidents or injuries of any kind. The landowner and the organizer are not liable for this.

participation fee:

Early bird until 30.11.2021:
Entry fee EUR 55,- + EUR 5,- for our charity at registration

Normal bookers from 01.12.2021:
Entry fee EUR 65,- + EUR 5,- for Charity

Late bookers from 01.04.2022:
Entry fee EUR 75,- + EUR 5,- for Charity
The online registration closes latest on 15.06.2022

Late entries on site:
Entry fee EUR 85,- + EUR 5,- for Charity

additional EUR 1,- per completed round for our charity donation (will be collected on site according to the DNF)

With our BE SAFE – Option for € 5,- you can play it safe! Cancel until 25.05.2022 without giving reasons and get your entry fee back.
An early closing of the registration is possible at any time if the number of starters is reached.

The number of allowed starters may change by Covid due to the given legal regulations.


  • Race organization
  • Pasta and other ‘highlight’ food for runners
  • Medal and certificate
  • Parking and space for tent or pavilion
  • Changing rooms, washing and showering facilities
  • DUV registration
  • …and much more.